The Client:

Holistic Healing & Wellness Studio

Holistic Healing & Wellness Studio was a local holistic massage and health studio located in Chicago’s western suburbs that opened in 2016. They focused on a natural approach to health in the form of massage therapy, healthy eating, and lifestyle changes. Their goal was to help people create a healthy lifestyle that they loved to wake up to everyday.

The Problem:

Holistic Healing & Wellness Studio was a brand new business and needed company collateral ranging from a logo to business cards, direct mail marketing to banners.

The Solution:

Creating a logo to fit the studio’s healthy, holistic based programs was the first step in creating a company brand, and everything followed suit almost perfectly.

The Process:

Step 1: Logo ideas.

I spent several hours on the internet searching other health and wellness websites to get a feel for the industry as a whole. Once I had seen the market competitors’ logos and read their company profiles, I had a better sense of what Holistic Healing & Wellness Studio was looking for.

A couple more hours were focused on coming up with design ideas and sketching them out on Illustrator. Once I was done, I had eight solid concepts I could show my client:

Step 2: Present logo ideas to client.

I emailed the concepts over to my client and after going back and forth for a day, we settled on three ideas that they wanted explored:

Their final choice:

Step 3: Creating company collateral.

With the logo design complete, I began the process of designing everything the small business would need upon opening.

This included:

    • Business Cards & Stationery
    • Rack Cards
    • Flyers
    • Gift Cards
    • Direct Mail Pieces
    • Banners

Business cards are always the first thing I create for anyone that asks about what they need in order to start their business. With the Holistic Healing & Wellness Studio business cards, I wanted to create something that set the tone for the business. After all, the business card is the first thing you hand out to your customers, so it’s important to make a good first impression. With this card, I did that by incorporating the colors the client had chosen along with peaceful imagery such as orchids and a woman resting comfortably on a massage table.

I kept it simple for the letterhead and envelope, incorporating a transparency of the leaves from the logo to give each piece a little more visual interest. The rack cards, flyers, and gift cards had the same look and feel as the business cards, keeping with the peaceful, serene theme that I used throughout the studio’s branding.

When it came time to design the direct mail piece, I decided to go a different route: something bold that would stand out among other mail pieces in someone’s mailbox. I kept the company colors while also expanding on them so they were eye-catching enough to be seen, but not so eye-catching they’d blind someone. I used warmer purple tones to capture visual attention and made sure to highlight the special offer in a coupon box that anyone could recognize instantly.

I went the same route with the banner, using the same warm purple from the direct mail piece, but incorporating more photo imagery as well as complimentary graphics meant to enhance the serene, spa-like feel of the studio.

The Result:

Holistic Healing & Wellness Studio was pleased with the final designs. Everything went into print production within days of completion. The direct mail piece was sent to one thousand households with about a 2% return, or roughly twenty customers within the first month of the studio’s opening. Not bad for a small campaign. The studio stayed in business for roughly three years before the owner decided to change direction and become a wellness coach.